Construction Equipment

The best builders only have the mind to create and build, but with construction equipment, which can be effectively procured by us, you can monitor your constructions and supply construction materials while ensuring all necessary hands are on deck to ensure seamless construction.

Since you are here, you might as well get the latest and best quality of construction equipment delivered to you.

With us, you don’t just build up, you build well.

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We help you source and verify products of interest. This involves quality assessment, quantity availability and needed certifications.

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We help solve the problem of time difference, language, and business culture barriers for you by communicating on your behalf.

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We distribute a range of capital goods within local and international markets. Our product range is continuously modified to suit your needs.

We can get you what you want

We have a well-grounded knowledge in sourcing and negotiations as well local and international business cultures. As a trade firm we are strategically equipped with the right operational resources and network to meet customer and client demands. With Lumasen you get the best global pricing on goods and services. We bring to our customers a beam of excellence through transparency, ease of communication, and quality of goods.