What To Know When Thinking Of The Best Clothing Material To Procure For Your Business Clients


As human beings, one of our core needs, amongst other things, is the awareness of being clothed. In an evolving world where you are addressed the way you dress, it is especially necessary to dress in the right way, ensuring that your clothing materials are authentic enough, comfortable enough and that you have the right material per season. As a wholesale or retail seller, all these points and more become imperative for you to note.

For the purpose of this post, we will be exploring the numerous benefits of wool among other clothing choices, as a form of education for fabric clients, or enlightenment for fabric sellers.

All about Wool

Wool is obtainable from different animals, not limited to Sheep only, as we may think. It can be gotten from goats, camelids, and even rabbits. The only difference is that each wool material differs per animal. For instance, cashmere is derived from goats while angora is gotten from rabbits, and fur clothing is gotten from bison.

However, whatever wool source you settle for has got to be one of the best clothing decisions that you can make because of the many benefits of wool clothing. Some of these benefits are just surmisable, contributing to immediate wellbeing, while other benefits are around for years to come. Some of these benefits are that; 

Wool doesn’t accumulate moisture. This means that no matter how sweaty or wet you become, wool can absorb more than 28% of the water before you feel wet. Even after absorption, wool releases moisture into the atmosphere by evaporation. Have you tried wearing wool over your nose? Then you would realize that wool is that material that wouldn’t let you suffocate. Wool fibers, as opposed to synthetic clothing, naturally allows air to flow, making you breathe easily, and this is a vital reason why it is important to stock up on for toddlers and infants to prevent any incidence of suffocation. 

It is not the case that we are promoting unhealthy living, but for businesses with the purpose of cleanliness, wool doesn’t stink. They are highly odor-resistant due to the presence of anti-microbial properties which inhibit bacteria buildup or growth on the fibers. This is because wool is gotten from animals and it contains fatty acids that prevent the growth of mildew and mold as well.

Now, here is the best news! With the 4 different weather conditions, wool can be worn both in winter and in summer as well. The former because wool is a natural insulator and can preserve warmth, just as much as it can withstand moisture penetration, during winter. The latter because of the ease at which wool can shed moisture and push excess heat off the body, making you cool all day long.

As a bonus point, wool is the most durable clothing material currently on the surface of the Earth.

Now that you have realized the many gains of wool, now is the time to sell your knowledge by investing in the sales of wool clothing while advocating its good. Investing in the wool clothing sector by being a retail or wholesale seller is a step towards financial success and we are here to make this exciting decision as adventurous, easy, and profitable for you! All you need to do is to create your market, contact us for your wool procurement needs, and champion the sales of wool from whatever part of the world you are in. You can definitely bloom as a wholesale fabric seller with us.


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