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We help you source and verify products of interest. This involves quality assessment, quantity availability and needed certifications.

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We help solve the problem of time difference, language, and business culture barriers for you by communicating on your behalf.

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We distribute a range of capital goods within local and international markets. Our product range is continuously modified to suit your needs.


Businesses need to thrive in an ever-changing environment and to stay profitable requires a good control of costs. Understanding that capital goods constitute a good percentage of operational plans across different sectors and if not properly controlled could deprive a firm from achieving quarterly business goals and this might probably lead to forfeiture of operations in its sector. At Lumasen we pride ourselves in mitigating this challenge by leveraging on our vast global network in sourcing and procurement of capital goods. Bringing businesses closer to reputable manufacturers and suppliers of various corporate needs. We do not only source for you capital goods of interest, but we also bring you the most cost-effective service in today’s global markets.


Different companies across different continents engage the services of manufacturers and suppliers of capital goods as they aim to control cost implications of their different operations. However, this is not a smooth relationship in most cases as we found out. This results from several reasons such as differences in time zones, languages, varying business needs, difficulty with supplier
verifications, business cultures, among others. Lumasen observing this challenge, aims to reduce the drag in international corporate relationship between businesses and their outsourcing firms in other regions of the globe. We bring to our clients, world class liaison services with our team comprised of members from different parts of the world. We bridge gaps of communication, culture, and time;
bringing you a liaison service that not only satisfies you but saves your business time and money.


Are you into local distribution of capital goods or are you interested in starting a local distribution? Are you having difficulty sourcing and verifying manufacturers because of geographic or other limitations? Then you should contact us. At Lumasen, we trade a wide range of capital goods, suppling goods of interest to local distributors. With Lumasen you are assured standardized products, effectiveness in delivery and a complete transparency of all trade process. We do not only represent the interest of our local distributors with manufacturers, but we also make sure that they stay updated on economic activities of importance of importance to their trade because we understand that when you win, we win. We request you invite us to join your business journey as a trusted partner and trade facilitator.

We can get you what you want

We have a well-grounded knowledge in sourcing and negotiations as well local and international business cultures. As a trade firm we are strategically equipped with the right operational resources and network to meet customer and client demands. With Lumasen you get the best global pricing on goods and services. We bring to our customers a beam of excellence through transparency, ease of communication, and quality of goods.